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Vanilla Buttermilk Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze

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After getting back from vacation, I noticed a large stack of “must try” summer recipes that I had piled up on the counter. Not wanting to deal with them or the fact that seasonal fruits and veggies are quickly disappearing, I decided to bake a random pound cake instead! I stayed healthy and chose a throwback recipe from Squirrels-n-Sweets, see here. Though not as dense and lacking a tight crumb found in traditional pound cakes, it was lighter, fluffier, and only mildly sweet. Which is good because I ate a couple of slices with fresh berries..  This one is really good and you can use your discretion for the lemon glaze. In fact, any type of glaze would taste amazing on this..

Recipe >> Vanilla Buttermilk Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze @ Squirrels-n-Sweets