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Crack Pie

This recipe is comprised of three parts: making an oat cookie “slab”, if you will… using said cookie as the base for the pie crust… then the pie filling itself. I looooved the oat cookie crust! It definitely added a great complementary flavor to the filling. As for the pie itself, I think the best way that I could describe it is a pecan pie without the pecans… or the corn syrup. I’ve also seen it compared to chess pie, although I’ve never had chess pie, so I can’t vouch for that. The filling sets up a little bit soft and gooey and sweet and, well, perfect. Come to think of it, it’s a bit like the “gooey” part of a gooey butter cake. It’s sort of a custard, but sort of not. If you like pecan pie, chess pie or gooey butter cake, I think you’ll love this!

Now, for some important notes on the recipe:
  •     I cut this recipe in half and only made one pie. In retrospect, it would take zero additional effort to make two and then you’d have one in the freezer for surprise company!
  •     The recipe calls for 10-inch pie plates and the author uses disposable foil tins. I attempted to use my 10-inch ceramic pie plate, but the crust wouldn’t adhere to it, as it was sort of slippery. I ended up using a 9-inch glass plate, which held the crust better. HOWEVER, if you use a 9-inch pie plate, it will take longer to set up in the oven than indicated in the recipe below. Go by the visual clues noted in the recipe. Next time, I would probably just go to the store and get the throwaway foil pans.
  •     The author very adamantly states that the filling MUST be made with a stand mixer and a paddle attachment. She said the same texture can’t be achieved through mixing by hand or using a hand mixer.
  •     One ingredient that left me scratching my head was “corn powder”. It’s described in the book as freeze-dried corn (not just frozen corn) that has been ground in a food processor into a powder. I honestly wasn’t about to try to track down freeze-dried corn, so I substituted cornstarch. I have no idea how much that may have affected the final product, but if you have freeze-dried corn readily available to you, go for it! Just use ¼ cup of the ground powder.

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