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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

I love myself some pound cake. My family went on a cruise a few years ago and one of my fondest memories is walking through one of the "free" cafes and getting a slice of their vanilla pound cake. Like, almost every time I walked by. It was so good. And I never put anything on it. I liked it plain, just the cake and me. It was seriously divine. My waistline didn't love it so much, but it was so worth it.

Afterwards I tried to recreate it without much luck. I fell in love with a Paula Deen recipe, though, and that was my go-to pound cake recipe for a while. I love how versatile pound cake is. You can add anything to the top and it's still good. Like shortcake. But waaay less healthy. Hey, every once in a while you have to splurge, right? And this is a great way to get rid of some fruit that needs using up. And whipped cream. And chocolate sauce. You don't want them to go to waste.

This recipe is just as delicious, and the fact that it's a pound cake with cream cheese in it just sealed the deal for me. It was absolutely delicious with some strawberries and chocolate on top. I found it on Pinterest (of course) on a website called Elizabeth's Edible Experience and the recipe hails from a 2001 edition of Southern Living magazine. That was a long time ago, folks. And it's still a great recipe.

Recipe >> Cream Cheese Pound Cake @ Elizabeth's Edible Experience