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The Best Chocolate Cake

This is seriously the best chocolate cake I have ever made from scratch! I wanted to do something different for my 35th birthday (Jan 9th, 2015) and so I found this recipe and my dad opted to make it for me. I wanted to help cause I like baking and so we made it together.

We used all the ingredients except for King Arthur Flour Black Cocoa. Also, we didn’t have buttermilk on hand and so I looked up on the computer how to replicate buttermilk. It said to use Homogenized milk (same amount as you would buttermilk) and then add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to it, let it sit for 5 minutes or until thick and then it’s good to use for the batter. We also cooled the coffee until it was luke warm before adding it into the mixture as it didn’t specify if it should be poured in hot or not. We did exactly that and this cake turned out phenomenal!

The cake was everything you’d want: Moist, rich, the perfect amount of dense and fluffy, and the best part, chocolatey! I thought adding the coffee would make the cake mocha flavoured, but it didn’t.

At the end of January, there was another birthday in the house and I made the cake again as requested by the birthday boy (who is 56 haha). He loved it so much he wanted it again!