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The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake..Ever..

I made this cake yesterday for my father’s birthday get together at his work. I have never been a big fan of sheet cakes, maybe because my mom made them alot when I was a child and she didn’t do a very good job! This cake was good, but HUGE. I couldn’t imagine making it for just my family. Also, I checked the cake at 18 min. at 350 and the toothpick came out perfectly clean. So it was probably done at 17 min. If I make it again, I will start checking around 15-16 min. I think the cake would be even more moist with less time in the oven. I love to make this cake as a layer cake and use a rich chocolate buttercream frosting inside and on outsides and then put a chocolate ganache on top…….really decadent and sexy!