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Super Decadent Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

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I am not particularly fond of chocolate, but this cake could change my mind! I love the texture of this cake! It's not too sweet either. The frosting is very sweet and balances the finished product. I will say that I had difficulty getting the frosting to become "light and fluffy", but it could be that my tiny kitchen was VERY hot when I made the frosting. I had to set my mixer on high and beat it for a couple of minutes, but once I did that and put it in the fridge, it was perfect! This is a keeper!"

Tip for sifting. I use a whisk and work it in the bag or container of flour. Heat and humidity can alter the density of flour. Storage conditions are not always ideal. Flour can also be put in the Freezer.

The cake looks delic. Coffee makes all the difference.
If using a ganache icing which is so good and easy to make. .In Canada our large choc bars are 100grms = 3.5274 oz.
I always uses those for ganache. Quality bars often sell for $1 at Food Basics or 4 for $5. Various types. I tend to use Dark. I also like use Hershey Special Dark 35%

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